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Serebro - Blood Diamond (ft. Yellow Claw) lyrics with translation (on click)

Blood Diamond (ft. Yellow Claw) - Serebro

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Too good to be true, imma prove 'em wrong.

If you're a mistake, i will make some more.

'cause you got me going up, going down, going round.

I love this game, yeah.

I don't need liquor to wash away.

You love my sins and I love the pain.

'cause you got me going mad, going bad, I'm blacking out.

Till I say, yeah.

We don't need to be saved.

If you fall, don't you worry.

I'm gonna hit the roof and smash all the lights.

I'll shine me down on all of you, 'cause I'm a star, star star.

I'll take you with me when we blaze through the night.