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Shayne Ward - Next To Me lyrics with translation (on click)

Next To Me - Shayne Ward

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Next To Me"

Feels like the first time four me

One touch and you set me free

You got me trippin'

And it feels like a shock to my system

Didn't think it existed

And now I know that it's true

Yes I do

And now I'm on a mission

Because you made me see

That it's not impossible

That someone just like you

Could be with me

Yes you could


Feels like the first time for me

One touch and you set me free

It's like you're out of my league

And though I'm trying

To keep my cool

It's hard you see

When you're next to me

Baby it was you that was missing

I never knew the truth

'Til my heart told me

That something was different

So I listened for the first time

Yes I did

It's a new kind of feeling