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Shontelle - Superwoman lyrics with translation (on click)

Superwoman - Shontelle

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(Ohhh ohhh ohhh) x3

When I was young

And a light had only begun to shine down on me

I've been blind now I started to see

I don't have to be right

There's no power in empty passion

Lost the taste of the fire

Find the strength to be out of fashion

Everybody knows me

You're the one who won't hear my story

Give it to you for free

You're the man who won't share my glory

Sing it out, let it out

For the first time these words have spoken

Mean something so I can love again

Shout it out, turn around

Tell the whole world the spell is broken

Break these chains

I'm only human (ohhh)

No superwoman (ohhh)

I'm only human (ohhh)

No superwoman (ohhh)

I'm only human

When I'm so 'bout to face

Give me faith so I'm not afraid

To take what you give

When you need

I'm starting to live