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Slash - Baby Can't Drive (Deluxe Edition) lyrics with translation (on click)

Baby Can't Drive (Deluxe Edition) - Slash

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My baby's fixin' her face,

doing her hair,

runnin' red lights in her underwear,

she likes to step on the gas,

put her foot to the floor,

music to her ears when the engines roar.

There ain't much she can't do;

(Anyhing I wanna do)

but when I turn my back

(I'm a mean speed demon heart attack)

Baby can't drive,

baby can't drive

(I'm a million miles away

doin' a hundred and five

If you wanna survive,

try and get there alive)

Baby can't drive,

baby can't drive

I got my red lips on,

makin' the stereo bleed,

texting my girls

while I'm driving with my knee