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Taio Cruz - Best girl lyrics with translation (on click)

Best girl - Taio Cruz

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Hey Hey Hey (x8)

Young girl you're the type i need

Baby you should know you are the one that i see

Everything about you is the way that i like

We can do it baby anytime of the night

Cause you stay down and you always go right

Even when we tired girl you wanna go twice

I just wanna tell you're the one that i need

Baby you're the one, the only one for me

So when we get the motion, oh, in the ocean

We keep it goin', keep, keep it goin'

I feel the ? feel emotion

And i just gotta tell you one more time


You're the best damn girl in the whole wide world

Baby you're the best in the whole wide world

You're the only one that i'm ever gonna need

Baby you're the one, only one for me

The best damn girl i've ever seen in my life

Every time i look at you i'm proud that you're mine