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The Academy Is... - Bulls In Brooklyn lyrics with translation (on click)

Bulls In Brooklyn - The Academy Is...

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Some people have it and other people don't

You been making some threats, got my name and address

I'm breaking habits you don't want to know

Although I'm wearing my clothes, feeling cold and exposed, yeah

Whoa whoa oh oh oh

Whoa whoa oh oh oh

Don't say you miss me, you probably don't

Well I been crossing some lines, that most folks won't, yeah

Whoa whoa oh oh oh

Whoa whoa ohhhhh

Don't think you're more than this, or above all this

With your 'blah blah blah' and all your friends

Don't say you think you know when you know you don't

Because tonight the bulls are in Brooklyn and you're still at home

Whoa oh whoa oh oh oh