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The Presets - Yippiyo-Ay lyrics with translation (on click)

Yippiyo-Ay - The Presets

words to study

Oooooooh skat

Am I pleased to meet ya

Picture from the people

Somethin I got to teach ya

Oooooooh crack

You're quite the creature

Girl from the creature feature

Tasty like to eat ya

Thinkin' so nasty

Just got me feelin' so nasty

Oooooooh pop

I'll take you from the eighties

Bimbos rock the latex

Dingos gots the babies

But oooooooh stop

Look we're ready to rumble

Girlfriend can you show me

The way that the cookie crumble

Thinkin' so nasty

Just got me feelin' so na-

Keep it rockin baby

Don't try to hide it none

Give me somethin and I won't try to fight it none

All the troubles in my mind they don't feel so bad

When you got me in your palm slidin' in your hand

Oooooooh snap

Girls got to eat ya

Cookin' I gots a t-bone

Hungry I need to feed her

Oooooooh chun

Touched quite a female