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Thousand Foot Krutch - Give Up The Ghost lyrics with translation (on click)

Give Up The Ghost - Thousand Foot Krutch

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Are you ready?

"We're here"

I'm a rose that's been raised by wolfs

My thorns getting stuck in everything I know

It's so hard when you would beat

For the truth you know

But we don't want the truth

We just want control

Pre: (I'm on my own he we go)

Moment, put it on me

If you want it

Cause I'm sick and tired of all of this

Flown it if you want it and you can own it But I was gonna let it go

I've seen the devil and I've met fear

Met them both on the road,

That left me here

I've met God and I saw life

And he saved mine a million times

I've met trouble and I've met rain

Laugh with joy and cry with pain

But now I see and I believe

That the ghosts that haunt me

Have been outhaunted

I'm a long way from way back from home

Been travelling like a bullet

Everywhere I go