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Tinashe - Superlove lyrics with translation (on click)

Superlove - Tinashe

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Love, love, love, love

Love, love, love, love

Super love

[Verse 1]

They will never love you babe, like I love you

I'm sophisticated, super classy, Uncle Luke, freak, nasty

I'm tryna make you my baby daddy

Got me bouncing on it, I'm acrobatic

You got me riding on that, riding on that, grinding up in this bitch

Banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this

So I heard you're out here looking for me, and I wanna know if it's true

If you've been looking for love, then I've been looking for you

I want you, I want you, I want you to be my baby

Settle down, we'll settle down then give you a baby

Put it down, boy, put it down and make me act all crazy

I might let you change me, boy I can arrange it, yeah


They will never love you babe (they will never love you)

Like I love you babe

Baby, say you'll never take my love away

Say you'll never take my love away

They will never touch you babe (they will never touch you)

Like I touched you babe (they will never, no, no)

Baby, say you promise you will never change