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Van Canto - Pathfinder lyrics with translation (on click)

Pathfinder - Van Canto

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Now I admit what is obvious:

this is no place to stay.

Though I know all that's behind

and nothing before me.

I must move on, I'm a roamer,

a wanderer on his way.

How come my feet just

won't follow the road that

was chosen for me.

On stormwinds I'm riding,

there's no sense in hiding.

There's no doubt at all,

the last wall will fall.

And now that I can see

I am way before me,

I'll fly just to follow the call.

This is the way.

(I am the pathfinder)

The very next step leads

me straight to the core.

At the end of the day.

(I am the pathfinder)

Still roaming on that's

what pathfinders for.

Ten years of trying to fly

have proven the strength in me.

Not one single time was

I able to lift off the ground.

Now I fly higher and faster

because I believe in me.

My black wings are beating