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Vanessa Hudgens - Hook It Up lyrics with translation (on click)

Hook It Up - Vanessa Hudgens

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Hey, what's up?

Rock Mafia, Rock Mafia, Rock Mafia

Everybody likes a fiesta

Everbody wants to have fun

Bring a couple o' friends and I'll betcha

They'll be hooking up with someone

Cause I'm tired of all the boys

Who don't like to dance

And if you don´t like to dance

You don't stand a chance, so

Why you standing in the corner

With your arms all folded

When you know' that she's ready to dance

Right upon ya'

You got the money, money

She´s got the hottie body

We wanna party, party

Hook it all up (hook it up)

You pick the song they're playing

She waits anticipating

All the while the DJ´s saying

Hook it all up (hook it up)

Hook it up, baby

Hook it up

If you think you can just stand around you're dreaming

It's gonna take a little bit more