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Waltari - One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild Part II) lyrics with translation (on click)

One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild Part II) - Waltari

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[To myself:]

Wandering the street with lots of girls

gathering around me with necks full of pearls

they try to push themselfs still closer to me

can I give 'em enough?

There's more of them than 3

I'd like to give you everything I can

but there's not and endless energy in this man

you all want my love but sometimes it's too much

I feel I can't take it and I'll lose the touch

Why to cry when I'm only one in the line

[To the girl:]

Why am I just sitting here watching you

you're like a walking disaster

I can see trough you

you think you're a star,

you think you're the queen...

but your mind is burning