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Will Smith - Yes yes yall lyrics with translation (on click)

Yes yes yall - Will Smith

words to study

Observe the high roller

Mic controller

Number one hip-hop son

Call me solar

Why? cause I shine

Praise the Big Willie I'm

Raised in Philly I

Daze and thrillin' ya

Don't be silly, ya can't see me

Again I'm killin ya on MTV

Just get with it my friend(Damn another award)

Dat kid done did it again(Oh my Lord)

Da fantastic


Gettin' ten times hotter than any you other cats get


You lack this

I'm the real McCoy

First with Jeff I was startin

Then with Martin I'm a Badboy

See more green than David Bent

More juice than Tropicana

You hawkin me like Atlanta

MC's just flee, they rightfully concerned

Big Will wants the mic back, it's my turn ta burn

I'm back attackin the mic

Hype like a Viking

Strikin like a python

Blaze like Jon