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Xzibit - 1983 (feat. Trena Joiner) lyrics with translation (on click)

1983 (feat. Trena Joiner) - Xzibit

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I had the right to sublurr, because they ache one stick

I saw five to six million but, yo, that ain't really shit.

It was supposed to be different, we were supposed to write out,

But tumach shot his girl, then shot himself in the mouth.

Then the steady game form very soon fell apart,

'Cause when you just doing all, the loyalty in your heart,

Slight catch a long hymn on all these niggas forgetting where they're coming from

And they're slowing down, wait a minute, what we're running from?

This what we're supposed to do, here's where we're supposed to be,

I hated MTV for trying to play me like a mockery.

But that don't bother me, I just fulfill my fucking contract,

Small price to pay just to take a piece of my back.

My back, backfire, assassination of my character,

Just demassing me in the America.

My younger sister, Erika, just adopted a child,

My older brother served fifteen, he made it out.

Even though my father loved me, I ain't seen him for a while.

Had to fight my baby, bitch, give me my nigga now.

'Cause I'm running out of time and I need him to understand

The way a superior man had build a brand