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Yelawolf - Fiddle me This lyrics with translation (on click)

Fiddle me This - Yelawolf

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Before I say goodbye

I'd like to say good day

And I hope you say "good buy"

When they ask was it worth for you to pay

For my music, for pressin' play

For all the stress that went into my songs

My love and hate

The most honest I could be with you to date

Is to say thank thank you Shady

For lettin' me be me with no holds barred

Thank you for the chance to enhance this old car

This old jar of moonshine is but

Two fine lines on a blank sheet but so far

These two lines point directed to my home on the mothership sonar

Valet UFOs, I go park

The dirty south needs a soap bar

In the mouth of these MCs but

But who am I to judge on what they love?

I guess they enjoy being broke and co-stars

And I'm soakin' so hard

From the sweat that I could take my clothes off

I done fucked and raped the whole yard

Should sit back and shake the gold off

But I'm already gone