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Lil Wayne – Gangstas And Pimps şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Gangstas And Pimps - Lil Wayne

Şarkı Sözleri
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[Mannie Fresh]

Ladies and gentlemen

This one goes out to that little kid that got fried Spam for lunch

I feel for you, I'm with you, I'm with you brother

And this one right here is for that ghetto girl with the bad perm

That just burn baby, burn baby, burn

Pop open a malt liquor

Smoke something until your scalp gets killed

[Hook x2]

Gangstas and pimps

Love lobsters and shrimps

Kool-Aid and chicken

Flashy things and women

All I need

Is Remy and weed

Somebody not afraid

To go some for my Escalade

[Lil Wayne]

I'm just pimping

Baby you got a rule for me

Put your mink on and slide in a cool for me

Hey you gotta get high and go low for me

It's Cash Money young money never know money

It's 500 Degreez it's not fool

But it and the dro got me so scummy

And to drum hole a whole hundred

Can I put a whole hundred in your whole tummy

Hehe, man Weezy's a legend

You can tell by the bottom of my sleeve when you see what's in a bezel

And he be on a level that's so terrific

I'm in this bitch hold your pictures

And hold your bitches cuz she gon want a part of me

Cuz she never see the roof of my car with me