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Usher – Confessions Part II (Remix) (feat. JD, Kanye .. şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Confessions Part II (Remix) (feat. JD, Kanye .. - Usher

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Hey, what's up?

That's you

Yeah listen

Baby I know we said it's best we don't talk no more

But I got to get this off my chest

about all the sh*t I've been hearing babe I,

I thought you were that ride or die

You will never leave my side

I even made you out to be the woman

that I will be with for life I took in

Your kids did everything that you wanted me too

Heard about frontin' on radio and the fuse

If you were gonna tell it then you told instead

of making me the bad guy

If you got nothing good to say then don't say nothing

'Cause if I really start talking it'll be something

So you cheated, I cheated

So be it

We need to leave it alone

Move on.

Hold up

Hello, you got a collect call from Franklin correction

facility will you accept the charges?

Yes, I'll accept it, what's up?

Sittin' in my cell, heard about the burst,

Wouldn't be alive, if I didn't bust first,

I never said I was perfect,

Nobody walking n this earth is,

That night, I would have got murdered,

If I didn't grab the ratchet and lit them cowards up,