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Usher – Truth Hurts şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Truth Hurts - Usher

Şarkı Sözleri
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Yeah umm

See it’s situations like this

That causes us players to get caught up

In umm the truth


What you doing, where you been?

I paged you and you ain’t hit me back

I been callin’ and I know you see my number on that caller I.D.

Just listen to the words

[verse 1]

i got reasons to belive that you´ve been foolin´ around

the way you feel, the past you lived

the things you did

it don´t matter to me for what it´s worth

just dont lie to me

´cause that ain´t what i need right now

baby everything we built on trust

you tearin´ it down

´cause i no the truth hurts


Tell me the truth now

What cha been doing and who

Ya been doing it with {truth hurts}

Where you been going and

How you been putting ya thing down {truth hurts}

Whatever youz was working I

Hope that it was worth it baby {truth hurts}

I got reason to believe that you been foolin´ around

[verse 2]

girl i´m really tryin´ hard to understand

i wanna move on and put it in the past

´cause you claim that you ain´t doin´ nothin´

must be my insecurity

it´s got the best of me right now