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Назад – Gettin' Dumb feat. 2NE1 şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Gettin' Dumb feat. 2NE1 -

Şarkı Sözleri
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I've been working every day

I'll be waiting for turn of play.

Call up my people

Lets play to town

Bring the fire

Lets burn it down.

I've been serious all the time

And tonight I lose my mind

I wanna go out and have some fun

I've been working all week but right now

Getting dumb.

[ & 2NE1]

Yeah we getting dumb

Get-Getting dumb


We go out, get dumb

We drink, get dumb

Turn it up, get dumb

We all getting dumb. [x3]

We all getting dumb dumb

Watch out for the dumb dumb, watch out

[Beat Break]



Uh huh


We getting dumb


G-g-g-g-getting dumb

Getting dumb, ey!

Watch out for the dumb dumb, watch out


Watch out baby its the next shit

Jumbo size its a big shit

Get yo head down, get a wig bitch

Extensions, get pretty pretty

Get it get it, girl, get your nails done

Super mother honey is the outcome

Got these boys going dumb dumb

They ain't getting none of my kitty kitty

All my shit cos I not nice

Got my chicks and we look nice

Gotta go out have a good night

Got so much soul like my home city

Got so much soul like my home city

Played that beat for my home city

Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah


Cos I know, I know