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Yelawolf – Heartbreak şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Heartbreak - Yelawolf

Şarkı Sözleri
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You used to be so cool, what the fuck happened to you?

Look at what all this rapping and money-stacking will do

I could've been stuck out in 'Bama, had I not flew the coop

And my babies would suffer Christmas cause Santa ain't got no loot

Uh, 'money ain't the issue' you said, that's funny now

Cause money's all I could give you to shut your motherfucking mouth

Here, take 20 grand and buy yourself a lawyer

Shit, here's a whip so my kids ain't gotta walk to the store for ya, fuck

Momma told me I should keep it real

My record ain't selling, momma, I'm trying hard enough to keep a deal

Meanwhile I'm throwing paper down into an empty pit

I got a business I'm trying to run, man, fuck this bitch

I should've seen it coming, she never pulled her weight

I'm carrying her like an elephant on a dinner plate

You gassed em, Yelawolf, you better pump your fucking brakes, asshole

You got the nerve to

Wanna talk about heartbreak, oh, oh

Baby, I've been around, you know I've been around

And I can't pretend to love you right now

So you can go cry your heart out until you drown

Hope you can swim it out cause I can't be friends with a friend like you tryna hold me down

You got some nerve to be mad at me for, fuck, anything

What have I done besides give you what I could not afford?