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Англійська вимова слова difficult

  • важко
  • важкий
  • морочливий
  • скрутний
  • трудний
  • тяжкий

Приклади з фільмів

is it difficult for you to breathe with your mouth flat against your employer's butt?
Legally Blonde 2 - Snap Cup
Is it difficult to see with your head in the Minority Whip's lap?
Legally Blonde 2 - Snap Cup
- It's been a very difficult day for everyone. - I need you to release my options,
Margin Call - It's Just Money
Okay. l know it was difficult for you to come in here, hat in hand.
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window
Sir, our country is going through a very difficult time right now.
Anger Management - Rage on a Plane
This is a very difficult time for our country.
Anger Management - Rage on a Plane
It's difficult for me to spend time with you.
The Beach - Night Swimming
Every encounter is gonna be much more difficult.
Top Gun - Arrogant Pilot
but it was, um, difficult, obviously, being set in space.
Notting Hill - Questions & Apologies
Space, right, yeah. Yeah, obviously very difficult.
Notting Hill - Questions & Apologies
But it was difficult, because Bryce was right behind him.
Flipped - Lunch Dates
who helped him through this difficult time?
Spectre - Ernst Stavro Blofeld
I know. I know, it's difficult for all of us, but...
Dave - Extending the Gig
The anchors of the show are difficult and semi...
Morning Glory - Are You Gonna Sing?
This must be incredibly difficult that all this...
50/50 - Doogie Howser
It looks as though Carl Hayden is having a difficult time
Spare Parts - The Competition Begins
Now this is gonna be the hardest most difficult thing
Kicking & Screaming - Ditka
Sir, I realize that it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible
Stargate: Continuum - Supposed to Be
It's not difficult. You just start with your name,
Carrie Pilby - The Enlightened Professor
It's difficult to say.
Equals - Bug