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Англійська вимова слова hat

  • капелюх
  • шапка
  • надівати капелюх
  • капелюшний

Приклади з фільмів

I'm able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.
Legally Blonde - Harvard Video Essay
And you. Clean that chunk of beef off your hat.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
Because I gotta tell you, my hat's off to you now.
Walk the Line - Cocaine Blues
Okay. l know it was difficult for you to come in here, hat in hand.
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window
Why, I could make a hat or a brooch. Or a pterodactyl, could eat your...
Airplane! - I Speak Jive
The snowman comes to life when an enchanted hat is put on his head.
Doubt - Pagan Christmas Songs
Would it be okay if I bring Mike Hat to work sometimes?
Ghostbusters - Kevin the Receptionist
I'm just a ragged-trousered stranger with a crazy hat.
Arthur - I Don't Date Boys Who Have Nannies
Therefore you come to me, hat in hand, begging.
Synchronicity - Edison
It's, "Where did Mary Tyler Moore throw her hat up in the air?"
The End of the Tour - Welcome to Minneapolis
This is the hat that he wore when he shot himself.
Swing State - Interview with Dick
I'm gonna shove his fedora so far up his ass, it'll be a hat.
Blockers - Dad, I'm a Lesbian
You need a hat. You're gonna freeze, babe. - Oh!
Daddy's Home 2 - Lights Out