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How to pronounce famous in English


Examples from movies

you know, flash them and they were famous, those tits...
The Banger Sisters - Breasts at the DMV
for regular people to dance with all of the famous,
54 - New Bus Boy
All these famous people, and I didn't know who any of them were
54 - New Bus Boy
Becoming marginally famous has really turned you into an asshole.
Funny People - Marginally Famous A**hole
who, in some ways, is as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio.
Orange County - Shakespeare
to invite you to his world-famous amusement park, Spooky Island.
Scooby-Doo - All You Can Eat
<i>But you're getting sloppy, Ray. You broke your famous code, didn't you?</i>
The Specialist - No Mercy, No Loyalty, No Code
Ten years ago, at Number 9, a famous singer called Alice Alquist.
Gaslight - Bloodthirsty Bessie
As long as you're not doing anything, how about one of those famous Shrek roars?
Shrek Forever After - Do the Roar
Hey, everybody! Shrek's gonna do his famous ogre roar!
Shrek Forever After - Do the Roar