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How to pronounce l in English


Examples from movies with L

No, ma'am, l'm afraid that's not allowed.
Bridesmaids - Ready to Partay
we're a whole wedding party. l'm the bride. l'm getting married.
Bridesmaids - Ready to Partay
No, l'm a man, and my name is Steve.
Bridesmaids - Ready to Partay
Although l joy in thee, I have no joy in this contract tonight.
Romeo + Juliet - 1,000 Times Goodnight
l think so. Luca's about have Odie for lunch.
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
Why? Because l wasn't ripped to shreds?
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
...l knew exactly what I wanted to say, and I said it.
You've Got Mail - Very First Zinger
You show up to L.A., you got nothin' but your dingdong in your hands.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
But you didn't know l was born
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
I love you, l love you, l love you
Elf - Buddy Meets His Dad
. ..l come to admire you even more.
Walk the Line - Cocaine Blues
Okay. l know it was difficult for you to come in here, hat in hand.
Charlie Wilson's War - Another Broken Window
Duct tape. You need an L.C.G. bag. Two L.C.G. bags.
Apollo 13 - Duct Tape and Cardboard
Okay, Houston. l see what you're getting at. Hold on.
Apollo 13 - Duct Tape and Cardboard
OK, it's 7-8-8-4 underscore L-Reisert.
Red Eye - Reservation Emergency

Audio pronunciation of L

American pronunciation

L pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
L pronounced by Joanna (female)
L pronounced by Kendra (female)
L pronounced by Kimberly (female)
L pronounced by Salli (female)
L pronounced by Joey (male)
L pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
L pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

L pronounced by Amy (female)
L pronounced by Emma (female)
L pronounced by Brian (male)