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How to pronounce lake in English


Examples from movies with Lake

You're the first man in five years who didn't tell me I look like Veronica Lake.
L.A. Confidential - Better Than Veronica Lake
- What you doing? - I'm calling my partner in Toluca Lake.
Pulp Fiction - I Shot Marvin in the Face
We're going up to the lake. My dad has a cabin there...
Flipped - Lunch Dates
Grab a cab, take her to Grey's Lake lnn.
Class - Jesus Is My Roommate
Terrific. Our car is at the bottom of a lake.
Wanderlust - Open Sexual Boundaries
There'll be five towers in all, circling the lake.
High-Rise - The Architect
I can't believe we're on a frozen lake in the middle of spring.
Walking with Dinosaurs - Thin Ice
Wait a minute. We're on a frozen lake in the middle of spring?
Walking with Dinosaurs - Thin Ice
- Are you on your way there now? - No. I'm going to Lake Como.
Gaslight - Bloodthirsty Bessie

Audio pronunciation of Lake

American pronunciation

Lake pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Lake pronounced by Joanna (female)
Lake pronounced by Kendra (female)
Lake pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Lake pronounced by Salli (female)
Lake pronounced by Joey (male)
Lake pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Lake pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Lake pronounced by Amy (female)
Lake pronounced by Emma (female)
Lake pronounced by Brian (male)

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