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How to pronounce lesson in English


Examples from movies

The pig doesn't know his place, and now he needs to be taught a lesson.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
Right. Well, today we begin with the most important lesson you will ever learn...
Happy Feet - Mumble Has No Heartsong
This is your first lesson in shared dreaming. Stay calm.
Inception - Shared Dreaming
I've learned my lesson, I really have.
The Little Hours - Serious Sins
we teach them a lesson and we put it online.
Us and Them - Danny's Plan
And Julius Rottwinkle ate two M&M's during her lesson. - And she caught him?
Matilda - Pigtail Hammer Throw
One day, I will personally teach you a lesson...
Open Season 2 - Vicious Wild Animals
Sometimes there's no lesson. That's a lesson in itself.
Anomalisa - Did I Do Something Wrong?
- Yeah, tell me about it. - Now, this... This here, is your first lesson in coffee.
Look Who's Talking - That's Breast Milk
Look, if you're trying to teach me a lesson, consider it taught!
Flushed Away - Ice Cold Rita