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How to pronounce red in English


Examples from movies

The only way to nail a guy like that was to catch him red-handed.
Dirty Work - Don't Take No Crap From Nobody
You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland...
The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill
Hell no, I ain't straight. Look at my eyes. They still red?
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
Fine by me, Frank. I'll... I'll call it Red Magic,
American Gangster - Diluting the Brand
- What's the difference? - Some Scotch tape and red hair dye.
Mrs. Doubtfire - Could You Make Me a Woman?
And he was so embarrassed, his cheeks turned completely red.
Flipped - Meeting Bryce Loski
The Red Cross advises "Press edges of wound firmly together."
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
...I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross.
Dirty Harry - That's My Policy
Dave. Have you ever driven through a red light?
Dave - Extending the Gig
- I mean, that's a pretty big red flag. - It is not a red flag, Molly.
She's Out of My League - Honesty
Hey, enough with the red light. Turn it off.
Spare Parts - The Competition Begins
...and of course, my red-hot smoking wife, Carley...
Talladega Nights - Dear Lord Baby Jesus
and you drank red wine from a box!
Monster-in-Law - Slap Fight
trying to break the house on red and black?
The Cooler - A Cheap, Fat Whore
"Submerged in the blood-red waters...
Inferno - Unknown Ally
Police stop and question drivers In the red-light district
London Road - Morning News
Baby, the red shirt's nice. I like that. You guys have a good time.
Bad Boys II - Intimidating Reggie