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Examples from movies with Them

My family, they deserve justice for what's happened to them.
Ben-Hur Official Trailer
But I'd face a whole box full of them for the chance of getting some brains
If I Only Had a Brain - The Wizard of Oz (1939)
You have to clean them and feed them and...
Clueless - R.S.V.P.
That's them! They knocked us out and stole our space suits!
Dude, Where's My Car? - Zoltan Meeting
His food is homemade donuts with smashed-up goose livers injected into them.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Boggis, Bunce and Bean
- ls there anything bad about them? - Okay, let me think. Flaws.
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
I told them I wanna quit and he's like, "You quit me, I'm gonna jack you up."
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
Said they'd make me this big star, and like a fool I believed them.
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
And l'm ready to party with the best of them !
Bridesmaids - Ready to Partay
Weren't too happy to see me. There's something off about them.
The Last Stand - She Has a Little Kick
- Tell them we need a backup. - Okay. Will do.
Ride Along - Save the Strippers
- I've been hiding them. - Well, can't go on hiding them forever.
Slums of Beverly Hills - Vivian's First Bra
Have to get them custom made. Specialty stores. That's expensive.
Slums of Beverly Hills - Vivian's First Bra
he's carefully arranged them around the neck and shoulders.
From Hell - Paying the Ferryman
Yeah, looks pretty bad. Two of them are over here.
Fargo - Morning Sickness
you know, flash them and they were famous, those tits...
The Banger Sisters - Breasts at the DMV
And then you're gonna deposit them in the sacred vessel.
Legally Blonde 2 - Snap Cup
I'd only just handed them the final scene
Capote - Charming the Deweys
Just gonna embarrass me, so I'll let them.
City Slickers - I Hate Bullies
You know, you raise them, you try to teach them right from wrong,
City Slickers - I Hate Bullies
or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them.
Hamlet - To Be or Not To Be

Audio pronunciation of Them

American pronunciation

Them pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Them pronounced by Joanna (female)
Them pronounced by Kendra (female)
Them pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Them pronounced by Salli (female)
Them pronounced by Joey (male)
Them pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Them pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Them pronounced by Amy (female)
Them pronounced by Emma (female)
Them pronounced by Brian (male)