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How to pronounce thrown in English


Examples from movies

Thrown away by our owners, and now we're out for revenge!
The Secret Life of Pets - The Flushed Pets
I got firecrackers thrown at my head. They called me a freak.
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
with a couple of jumps thrown in, right?
Blades of Glory - Ice Blows
I heard you got sacked and thrown into a loony bin.
Monster-in-Law - Slap Fight
We wouldn't have to be standing here if you'd just thrown me a little respect.
The Score - Heist Confrontation
Was Julius okay? - After being thrown out the window?
Matilda - Pigtail Hammer Throw
I almost got thrown from a fucking building because of your ass.
The Best Man - Don't Blame Me