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How to pronounce uncomfortable in English


Examples from movies

Well, you know, a little uncomfortable taking my shirt off in public.
Valentine's Day - Valentine Gifts
I'm not sure I want you to be my doctor anymore. You make me uncomfortable.
Waitress - Strange Medicine
You should not be uncomfortable at this time.
Waitress - Strange Medicine
And I'm feeling very uncomfortable with where you're coming from.
Fred Claus - Brothers Anonymous
But the last thing that I wanna do is-is make you uncomfortable.
Horrible Bosses - Julia You Needed To See Me
Artists always feel uncomfortable talking about their work.
The Words - How Does It Feel?
and I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
About Cherry - Interview
Hey, Shrek! Are my babies cute, or do they make people feel uncomfortable?
Shrek Forever After - Puss Let Himself Go
since I always feel uncomfortable around crowds.
Antz - You Are Insignificant