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Scarlxrd - BERZERK. traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

BERZERK. - Scarlxrd

palabras a estudiar

Wait, uh

You'll never take up my place, uh

Get up and ride on the wave, uh

Watch how I get it and change, yeah

Keep all the tips, I don't wait, uh

I told her, "Sit on my face," yeah

Sippin' on gin, I don't chase, uh

Saving, not spending the paper, yeah

Getting everything I fucking asked for since the start, yeah

I get stupid paid up just for spilling out my heart, yeah

I just got a new bitch, she rides dick incredible, yeah

If she falls in love too fast, her number's getting blocked

Demons all around still, so numb I can't feel

Course you're gonna hate, your life is shit, it's going downhill

Y'all all think I'm crazy

Fuck it I'm switching and changing it up

I change the pace, and I weave in the dust

I got the throne, I'm not giving it up (Yeah)

Making sure that everything I do is fucking heavy

Watch how everything I'll ever fucking do is legendary

I don't wanna slow it down, I wanna keep on resurrecting

Gotta plan it all out, no, I never will regret it

Never gave a fuck about a penny

Been had cash, now my racks on steady, uh

Living what I'm talking, evidently

Real life shit, no, no, don't tempt me, yeah

Stay in your lane, I know where the fuck I'm going

Keep a mask on my face, I don't need to fucking show it

Stay back in my cave, steady plotting, I'm so focused