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Scarlxrd - I WANT TO SEE YXU BLEED. traducción en Español (haciendo clic)


palabras a estudiar

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Scarlxrd, yeah, yeah


6 figure shit

I'll enter 7 and dip

If I make 8 then I'll quit

Better than running in cribs

I can not stand all the talk that they spit, It's so shit

I lose sleep in the night when I think 'bout the biz

There's too much in my mind, I still think till I'm sick

All these racks that I've saved, they don't save anything

I got the stadiums coming, just watch that shit

Staying up all night to write

Uh, I got a feeling I might

Uh, mix up my gin with some ice

Uh, they can not get to my height

Uh, niggas got wings, take flight (Uh uh)

Uh, never do shit I don't like (No way)

Uh, got a new crib with a site (Uh huh)

Uh, stacking up buy that twice, yeah (Ayy yeah)

Uh, been cold to the core, yeah (Yeah)

Scarlxrd, no remorse, uh (Oh, oh yeah)

Fire niggas 'cause they don't do shit

Fire niggas 'cause I'm bored

You won't see me in the bits, uh (Yeah)

But my moneys still involved, uh (Yeah)

I've now gone clear

Earning everyday

Fuck a billboard

Fuck that shit, these niggas chatting

I don't give a fuck, yeah

All you pussy

Keep on yapping 'til I split your jaw, yeah

I'm exceeding expectations and I'm 24, yeah

I don't need no patience

I just get up and get it all

Fuck that

I said fuck that

I said fuck that

Fuck that

I said fuck that

I said fuck that

Fuck that

I said fuck that

I said fuck that

Fuck that

I said fuck that

Now I wanna see you bleed