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Scarlxrd - LIVING LEGEND. traducción en Español (haciendo clic)


palabras a estudiar

Go fuck yourself 'til you bleed


I don't give a fuck, I'll take what I want

I've been waiting years, fuck this, I'm done

Feeling like I threw my fucking life away

Feeling like I threw my fucking life away

Make me release all the stress that I package

Pressing me under the debts that I manage

Energy comes to me in avalanches

Wipe out my enemies, I run around them

Easy bro, watch your tone

Am I insane? We don't really know

Easy mode, easy mode

I finessed life, it's on easy mode


All of my problems are solved, yeah

I set the pace then I go, yeah

Watch out for me, I'ma glow, uh

Stone on my wrist, Hublot

If I start cutting you off

Nigga, you're making me slow

Why would I fake floss?

These niggas act rich and they're broke

Stunting for the fam, ain't sick no more

Gotta let me in when I kick that door

When I run around this industry

Don't wanna hear you run your jaw

And it's terrible, they are not memorable

Still, I'm so sick, I might vomit and let it go