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Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It? traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

...Ready For It? - Taylor Swift

palabras a estudiar

Knew he was a killer

First time that I saw him

Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted

But if he's a ghost then I can be a phantom

Holdin' him for ransom

Some, some boys are tryin' too hard

He don't try at all though

Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so

I see nothing better, I keep him forever

Like a vendetta-ta

I-I-I see how this is gonna go

Touch me, and you'll never be alone

I-Island breeze and lights down low

No one has to know

In the middle of the night, in my dreams

You should see the things we do, baby

In the middle of the night, in my dreams

I know I'm gonna be with you

So I take my time

(Are you ready for it?)

Knew I was a robber

First time that he saw me

Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry

But if I'm a thief then

He can join the heist

And we'll move to an island-and

He can be my jailer