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The Dresden Dolls - Boston traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Boston - The Dresden Dolls

palabras a estudiar

All the cities in the world

And so very little time and

So many different girls...

All you have to do is find them.

There’s a wealth of opportunity you make your plans accordingly.

A pity but the pretty ones are usually more touristy.

Say, how'd you like to run away from these machines?

Everywhere the spies are printing out your dreams.

Seven stops in seven different countries, seven page itineraries

Memories thick as bloody marys, jesus, jospeh, bloody hell!

Right now we’re here in Boston

In love with downtown crossing

New York will still be there in the morning

Come back to bed my darling

I had Julian and Steve,

You had Julia and Jeanette.

You wear your terror on your sleeve

For all the men I haven't met… yet.

I had Oliver in Potsdam you had Eleanor in Amsterdam

We’re keeping score so carefully we've missed the state we're in completely