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Westlife - Obvious traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Obvious - Westlife

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Yeah, ooooh...

We started as friends

But something happened inside me

Now I'm reading into everything

But there's no sign you hear the lightning, baby

You don't ever notice me turning on my charm

Or wonder why I'm always where you are

Shane (Westlife):

I've made it obvious

Done everything but sing it

(I've crushed on you so long, but on and on you get me wrong)

I'm not so good with words

And since you never notice

The way that we belong

I'll say it in a love song

Bryan (Westlife):

I've heard you talk about

(Heard you talk about)

How you want someone just like me (Bryan echo: just like me)

But everytime I ask you out

(Time I ask you out)