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Xzibit - Forever A G (feat. Wiz Khalifa) traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

Forever A G (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Xzibit

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Everyday lead to late nights,

Bitches on my neck like a vampire appetite.

Homie, pass me a light, I got that master kush

Gave birth to you, bastards, told your momma to push

Now here you are, I see you're feeling strong,

My prediction came here tripping, you won't be living long.

Wait, I said that wrong, now let's negotiate,

I wait my banner a piece, won't you take the paper

Pussy nigga, you fake, can't wait for the face to face

Hit you with the cage, back in place, rip another page off the book of life

Before tonight we gonna celebrate and smoke 'till we elevate

My motive for motivating my niggas, come on.

Take a look at my eyes and tell me what do you see

I'm going forever be me, never, I'm forever a G.

All this liquor I drink and then I smoke all this weed,

Smoking this weed, smoking is good,

But I got what you need.

A lot of niggas are changed and they be doing what I made

Won't you change, I want you stay the same

But I'll always be the same, I'll always gonna keep it G.

I'm going forever be me, never, I'm forever a G.

It's getting hard to survive the streets that eat you alive,

Dumping your body, your cadaver is covered with flies.

Too much rats are trapped inside of your rapping,

Niggas actually laughing at your lights, camera, action.