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Xzibit - I Came to Kill traducción en Español (haciendo clic)

I Came to Kill - Xzibit

palabras a estudiar

This is the long drop method it was supposed to be more humane

Measure your height and your weight to break your neck with your hand

Sometimes they use a shore drop or they use a crane

Either way the victim dies in agonizing pain

But if the calculations ain't correct when the rope's set

The rope will rip the head right off the motherfucker's neck

My appointment at the gallows x emerging from the shadows

With a vendetta beetle who wanna battle

Man you gon' get whipped in flaw shackle to an A-frame

Beaten full force until you can't repeat your own name

Till you smell the smell of burn and flesh

Keep you alive until you pray for death

Drawn in the corner disembowel until there's nothing left

Saudi Arabia amputation for petty death

Li chin translated this the leader in death

A rubber tie filled with gas around your arms and chest