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Pronunciación en inglés de bucks

  • dólares

Ejemplos de películas

Who gives a shit? I'm about to win ten million bucks anyway, right?
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
Are ya? What are you going to do with that ten million bucks?
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
That Euro-flash GQ type she's going out with has got big bucks...
Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps
What are you doing? Trying to pick up a few extra bucks babysitting?
American Graffiti - Must Be Your Mama's Car
I was spending, like, a thousand bucks a day already
Margin Call - Your Opportunity
Anyway, it costs 400 bucks... 400 bucks to join this thing.
Stripes - Psycho and Ox
But if you really screw over Hamilton, I'll give you ten bucks.
Dirty Work - Screwing Over Hamilton
Well, the difference? About 60 bucks at Bed Bath.
Disturbia - Breakfast Surprise
Why I'm in this chair with you all? I mean, why I earn the big bucks?
Margin Call - The Music Stops
She looks like a million bucks.
Life of Crime - A New Plan
It says... "Couldn't find a meter, but here's 4 bucks. "
The Hangover - We Didn't Steal Anything
So... so I become their little fantasy girl for five bucks a pop
Middle Men - A Part of Ourselves
Two hundred bucks a night.
Saw - It Was Tapp
- Just two hours, so, fourteen bucks. - Great.
The Change-Up - We Always Come Second