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Pronunciación en inglés de chase

  • persecución
  • caza
  • carrera
  • alcance
  • perseguir
  • cazar
  • ahuyentar
  • correr
  • seguir
  • cincelar

Ejemplos de películas

Chase Hammond... big hands, big feet, you know?
Drive Me Crazy - The In Crowd
What good is a cat that can't chase a mouse?
Garfield - Cat and Mouse
I'm a foolish old man who has been drawn into a wild-goose chase
True Grit - I Bow Out
I have all the cream I can drink and all the mice I can chase.
Shrek Forever After - Puss Let Himself Go
One thing he did was teach us to chase after our dreams.
Death at a Funeral - Aaron's Eulogy
Your friend Walter Chase isn't too proud...
The Great Gatsby - A Fit of Rage
like Walter Chase find himself up to his eyeballs in debt...
The Great Gatsby - A Fit of Rage
...to get his claws into respectable folk like Walter Chase.
The Great Gatsby - A Fit of Rage