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Pronunciación en inglés de date

  • cita
  • plazo
  • pareja
  • dátil
  • compromiso
  • cumpleaños
  • acompañante
  • fechar
  • salir con
  • poner la fecha en
  • citar
  • pasar de moda
  • asignar una fecha a
  • situar en una época
  • ir quedando anticuado

Ejemplos tomados de películas con Date

- It is. - Wow - Second date, we had a safe word.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
We should fucking double-date, or something.
Ted - White Trash Names
Wow, looks like your date's out for the count.
Despicable Me 2 - Worst Date Ever
Well, I think you did it. You just officially had the worst date ever.
Despicable Me 2 - Worst Date Ever
You said on our very first date that you don't like flowers,
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
Believe it or not, Twinkies have an expiration date.
Nut Up or Shut Up - Zombieland
Are you askin' me out on a date, Jimmy Smith, Jr?
8 Mile - The Lunch Truck
Crash, wait! Look, all's I want is a date.
Bull Durha - What Crash Believes
Damn, nobody's ever said no to a date with me before.
Bull Durha - What Crash Believes
So, rumor has it that you went on a date with Court Reynolds.
Cruel Intentions - Getting to First Base
- Shall we meet for lunch first? - It's a date.
Match Point - Scoring a Date
Ask Rachel out on a real date instead of whatever this is.
Something Borrowed - Ask Me Out
Have you set a date? Have you decided on a church?
An Education - Hard and Boring
You see, I don't date men I work with.
Boomerang - My Mack Daddy Vibe
she thought she'd date guys and... and charge them money.
The Other Guys - Gator the Pimp
What kind of girls did you date in high school?
Down to You - First Real Kiss
Nancy, I am so bloody glad you pretended to be my date today,
Man Up - F*** the Past
In fact, if you hadn't have pretended to be my date today,
Man Up - F*** the Past

Pronunciación de Date

Pronunciación americana

Date pronunciado por Ivy (niño, chica)
Date pronunciado por Joanna (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Kendra (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Kimberly (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Salli (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Joey (hombre)
Date pronunciado por Justin (niño, chico)
Date pronunciado por Matthew (hombre)

Pronunciación británica

Date pronunciado por Amy (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Emma (mujer)
Date pronunciado por Brian (hombre)

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