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Pronunciación en inglés de reason

  • razón
  • motivo
  • causa
  • explicación
  • juicio
  • sensatez
  • moderación
  • ocasión
  • razonar
  • discurrir
  • calcular

Ejemplos de películas

For some reason, jenny didn't never want to go home.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
It all happens for a reason Even when it's wrong
Crazy Heart - Fallin' and Flyin'
You know, funny enough, Larry's the reason I go home.
Nurse 3-D - Sexual Obsession
Not for that reason. I'm not leaving here till you sing. So...
Pitch Perfect - Singing in the Shower
You only exist out here because of me. That's the only reason.
Casino - Meeting in the Desert
In the history of television for a reason.
Scrooged - Marketing With Terror
For some reason, Jenny didn't never want to go home.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
Of course, but you've no reason to think he's bungled the case?
Chinatown - A Respectable Man
there's no reason why you shouldn't have complete confidence
Airplane! - I Speak Jive
Now, for some reason, I fit in the Army like one of them round pegs.
Forrest Gump - Bubba on Shrimp
but they seem prosaic to me, for some reason, by comparison.
Sideways - Miles on Wine
you know, special reason that you should.
The Beach - Night Swimming
Dave, the reason we invited you here tonight is because...
Dave - Extending the Gig
There is one singular reason I keep coming here.
Capote - This is My Work
Trust me, I know you don't have any reason to believe in me,
Morning Glory - Are You Gonna Sing?
I'm here for one reason and one reason alone.
Margin Call - The Music Stops
...to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
V for Vendetta - The Revolutionary Speech
There's a reason he mentioned my wedding ring, Ted.
Salt - You Are a Russian Spy
Son, now, I'm sure you don't wanna go spilling blood for no good reason...
Legion - They're Here
Do you mean you'd whack me for no particular reason?
Phone Booth - Telescopic Sight
Well, look, the reason I came back to town was to talk to you.
The Butterfly Effect - Nothing's All Better
Only reason I go there is she lets me rehearse whenever I want for free.
Shall We Dance - Diner After Dancing