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Pronunciación en inglés de sleeping

  • dormido
  • sueño
  • durmiente

Ejemplos de películas

You're actually in the middle of the workshop right now, sleeping.
Inception - Shared Dreaming
I could knit a sweater or a sleeping bag or a whole house.
Hot Pursuit - All Jacked Up
and my eating habits, and sleeping habits, and drinking habits.
De-Lovely - Spoiled Behavior
That's who I'm gonna be sleeping with tonight
The Heartbreak Kid - Uncle Tito
Yeah, we're actually sleeping here instead of going home.
The Innkeepers - Ms. Leanne Rease-Jones
got like two minutes of face-time while you were sleeping?
Paul - Farting Buttholes
I wasn't sleeping, I was in a coma, dick!
The Green Hornet - The Hornet Gun
You like to watch me when you think I'm sleeping,
Dear White People - Who Am I?
he said he'd been sleeping in bed all night
The Paperboy - I'm Your Mercy