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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Girlfriend - Victoria Beckham

Girlfriend - Victoria Beckham

tanulmányozandó szavak

Oh yeah, yeah

Phone rings at a quarter to nine

Some crazy girl is on the line

Talkin' bout how I better recognise

Found my phone number in his Calvin Klein's, and I'm like

What's that gotta do with me?

Your man is the one who needs questioning

Cos there ain't nothing that you're gonna achieve

By calling me and giving me the third degree

And if he's your man then tell me

Why was he sweatin' me

All up in the club last night

Telling me I'm the type of girl he likes

If you say you don't believe (don't believe)

He was acting that way

Girl I wish you could've seen how your man was shakin' me

Girlfriend let me give you somethin'

I know that you love him but you should've saw him last night

You ain't his girlfriend anymore than I am

I know you see him but girl you really should've saw him last night

Hold on, on no you didn't say

That I need to back away

I thought you heard when I told you that

It ain't my fault if he wants you back, no

All that's been said to me

It don't really mean a thing