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Magyar fordítás (kattintásra) és dalszövegek Like That - Victoria Beckham

Like That - Victoria Beckham

tanulmányozandó szavak

Come on, yeah

Close your eyes, baby count to three

And tell me now

Did you think of him, like it used to be

It ain't no surprise

Cos he's out of love, and he's out of luck

Getting lazy now

With that attitude, I've had enough

And it won't be the first time

Remember the lies you denied cos you said so?

Yeah what got into you?

Remember the love you discovered that he'd shown?

Mmm, what's he trying to prove?

Remember the pay every day that he let go?

Look what he's done to you

And he still he wanted you to run around him girl

No is shouldn't be like that, not fooling me

Damn his lovin' damn his lies, they're buggin' me

No it shouldn't be like that, he's trying to be

Trippin' out like all the guys, why can't you see?

It's 3am, and he still ain't home

Out with his friends

Guess you could have thought, guess you should have known

That he ain't coming back

Girl he's out of line, and he's out of time

Cos I'm telling you