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both kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből

You said I was to do the thinking for both of us.
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
Nine chances out of ten we'd both wind up in a concentration camp. Isn't that true, Louis?
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor.
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
Clarence lives at home with both parents, Clarence's parents have a real good marriage
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
Joe and my mom are both disgusting alcoholics. The only difference is one funny thing came out of my mom.
Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored
Seeing as we're both here, we might as well share resources.
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
lf you want me to have sex with both of those guys...
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
for give me some fuckin' cola before I break both fuckin' lips.'
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
You know, Tallahassee and Columbus are both east.
Zombieland - Limber Up
Both of youse, you ain't no better than me.
Rocky Balboa - Defending Marie
so I can make enough money to support both of us
The Break-Up - I'm Done!
We both know it wasn't a drill.
Valkyrie - No Handed
I will personally have you both arrested.
Valkyrie - No Handed
Find out how to squeeze every amp out of both of these goddamn machines.
Apollo 13 - Failure Is Not an Option
but the truly self respecting handyman would have both in his tool box.
Fifty Shades of Grey - Rope, Tape and Cable Ties
can place both you and the public in a great deal of danger ?
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
what you should both know is we treat ourselves with respect.
Coach Carter - First Practice
to be both a research assistant and a personal bodyguard.
Capote - Paying for Compliments
I say, is it too much to ask for both?
Iron Man - The Jericho