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bye kiejtés itt angol

  • viszlát

Példák filmekből

Remember when you called him that night and you said good-bye to him?
Casino - Lester Diamond
This is beddie-bye time, right now.
Despicable Me - Bedtime Story
I mean, it's routine, business as usual. In, out, hello, good-bye.
Casino - The Count Room
Fellas, say good-bye to Chuck Sherman, the boy.
American Pie - Wild Thing
- I don't want to see you in here again. - Okay. All right. Bye-bye.
Back to the Future - You're George McFly!
Oh, no. Bye, Aaron. You're gonna hate me forever.
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
- Bye, Mr. Griffith. - Bye.
Easy A - A Sexy George?
Please leave a message after the tone. Thanks. Bye.
Salt - You Are a Russian Spy
- Good-bye, Dr. Pomatter. - Good-bye, Jenna.
Waitress - Strange Medicine
You ass. Fuck you! I didn't want to fuck you. Bye.
Get Out - She's a Genius