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nothing kiejtés itt angol

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Példák filmekből az alábbi szóra Nothing

You know we've done nothing wrong!
Ben-Hur Official Trailer
And soon you'll have nothing at all
Hairspray - Timeless Couple
This ain't nothing but July in my bedroom growing up.
Peeples - The Sweat Teepee
- Some of these comics have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by killing in the roast battle.
Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored
but they don't have a gong or nothing, so it's not too bad.
Ted - White Trash Names
- What are you gonna say? - Nothing more than I have to, if that.
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
What the? Get away from me, pipsqueak. You're nothing but a...
Garfield - Odie Saves Garfield
Really. I had nothing left to offer except for pure reflex.
The Beach - A Shark Tale
Mr. and Mrs., the man you're sheltering is nothing but a dirty, homeless pig.
The Purge - Please Just Let Us Purge
I just busted his leg with a shovel. I didn't kill him or nothing.
Unforgiven - We All Have It Coming
You want to try to tell me again there's nothing going on between...
She's the Man - I'm Viola
There is nothing going on between me and Olivia!
She's the Man - I'm Viola
it's that nothing is more powerful than a young boy's wish.
Ted - A Young Boy's Wish
- What are you looking for? - Nothing. I just have this list.
Zombieland - Limber Up
- Speed bump, what... what does that mean? - It's nothing. It's just a little snag.
Iron Man - Is It Safe?

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Amerikai kiejtés

Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Ivy (gyerek, lány)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Joanna (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Kendra (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Kimberly (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Salli (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Joey (hím )
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Justin (gyerek, fiú)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Matthew (hím )

Brit angol kiejtés

Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Amy (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Emma (női)
Nothing kiejtés alábbi módon Brian (hím )