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Példák filmekből az alábbi szóra Question

Class, it's a simple question of having confidence in your own authority.
Marley & Me - Marley Gets Frisky
We've got a question coming in from another Aron in Loser Canyon, Utah.
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
To be or not to be, that is the question.
Hamlet - To Be or Not To Be
I'll give you the answer to that question, Mr. Bender, next Saturday.
The Breakfast Club - Don't Mess With the Bull
And every time I meet somebody, the big question is do I know you?
Casino - Meeting in the Desert
whose evidence has not only been called into serious question...
To Kill a Mockingbird - Mayella's Guilt
...my back's crooked like a question mark.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
If you want an answer to that question, Mr. Cross,
Chinatown - A Respectable Man
and always answer every question with, "Yes, Drill Sergeant!"
Forrest Gump - Bubba on Shrimp
I'm just answering her question. He's got an attitude now.
Ghost - Oda Mae Demands Respect
It's all a question of quantum physics, molecular attraction and timing.
Bull Durha - What Crash Believes
But the question is whether or not you're perfect for each other.
Good Will Hunting - Imperfections
Question number four. In the history of science,
WarGames - Asexual Reproduction
Miss Mack... Could you tell us your answer to question number four?
WarGames - Asexual Reproduction
There seems to be a lot of confusion on this next question - asexual reproduction.
WarGames - Asexual Reproduction
I cannot believe my son is gonna pop the question.
American Wedding - Ready to Burst
Knocking on wood. What is this? Popping, popping what? What question?
American Wedding - Ready to Burst
Now let me ask you guys a crazy question.
Fever Pitch - Ben Meets Lindsey
I asked you a question.
O - Under Suspicion
I would ask you that same question, Dr. Maroon.
Concussion - Tell the Truth

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Amerikai kiejtés

Question kiejtés alábbi módon Ivy (gyerek, lány)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Joanna (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Kendra (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Kimberly (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Salli (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Joey (hím )
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Justin (gyerek, fiú)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Matthew (hím )

Brit angol kiejtés

Question kiejtés alábbi módon Amy (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Emma (női)
Question kiejtés alábbi módon Brian (hím )