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Példák filmekből az alábbi szóra Saying

I understand what you're saying, and your comments are valuable,
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Boggis, Bunce and Bean
Eighteen years later, the kid comes and he writes a book about you saying how much of a jackass you are.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
I can't concentrate on anything you're saying until you cover your junk.
Pitch Perfect - Singing in the Shower
Well, I thought I remembered you saying that you wanted to express yourself.
Office Space - Joanna Quits With Flair
I mean literally. I'm not saying that figuratively.
Bridesmaids - Pity Party
because mine is saying shoot you and throw you over that cliff.
Bulletproof - I'm Your God
Which is saying something, because I've slimmed down quite a bit.
Horton Hears a Who! - I'm Holding the Speck
What I'm saying is that your theory is not a theory.
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
I'm sorry. Are you, are you saying 'meow'?
Super Troopers - The Cat Game
- Then you know what I'm saying! - Yes!
Pulp Fiction - Ezekiel 25:17
Get to be real pals. You know what I'm saying? In--
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
This is what I'm saying to you, Nick, you don't have to.
American Gangster - Diluting the Brand
Anyway, like I was saying, shrimp is the fruit of the sea.
Forrest Gump - Bubba on Shrimp
As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words,
The Da Vinci Code - Symbols
- What's she saying? What did she say? - Shh!
Trainwreck - You Butt-Dialed Me
Uh, like I was saying, if we took that cash...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
We spent the last hour saying our goodbyes.
Margin Call - Your Opportunity

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Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Joanna (női)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Kendra (női)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Kimberly (női)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Salli (női)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Joey (hím )
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Justin (gyerek, fiú)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Matthew (hím )

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Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Amy (női)
Saying kiejtés alábbi módon Emma (női)
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